A List of Everything You Need After You Give Birth

When we are preparing for our babies to come into this world we become so consumed with making sure we have everything we need for them that we completely forget what we need for ourselves. There’s quite a list that we need to tackle to ...
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What No One Tells You About C-Sections

C-sections are a fairly-common way to deliver your baby; some people actually request them. No matter how much you think you know about them, nothing can prepare you for major surgery, because your body is unpredictable, and your body isn’t the same as someone else’s ...
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9 Tips to Help You Recover From a C-Section

When I was pregnant with my twins I knew I was going to need a c-section because Baby A was breech and never turned. Some of my biggest fears every time I have gotten pregnant is needing to deliver by c-section and not carrying to ...
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How to Heal Quickly After a Vaginal Delivery

Congratulations mommy on your sweet bundle of joy! You have sure been through a lot these past 9 months! Carrying that sweet baby, giving birth to it, now trying to heal on top of taking care of it, along with any other things that need ...
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