Labor & Delivery

What No One Tells You About C-Sections

C-sections are a fairly-common way to deliver your baby; some people actually request them. No matter how much you think you know about them, nothing can prepare you for major surgery, because your body is unpredictable, and your body isn’t the same as someone else’s ...
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Natural Vs. Epidural Labor and Delivery

Natural vs. Epidural Labor & Delivery

Let’s first focus on natural labor and delivery. If you choose to go natural or end up going natural without a choice, then there are definitely some things I think you need to read up on to prepare yourself for this. I think that if ...
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10 Tips to Help Bear Through Labor Pain

No one can ever PREPARE you for the PAIN of labor. No matter how many stories you here, even the most horrific, you will not fully understand that pain until you experience it yourself. The thing about Labor is everyone’s experience is DIFFERENT, everyone’s pain ...
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