I love that they call it morning sickness when it can hit any time of day and sometimes even last all day long. They should just call it, “pregnancy sickness,” or “baby bump sickness.” My morning sickness usually came around 6-7 weeks and hit right in the morning and then later on in the day, early evening, and would last all night and this was with all of my pregnancies, except for my twins pregnancy that was different on every level possible.


  • Sea Bands- these are wrist bands you wear that have beads on them that hit a certain pressure point in your wrist to help nausea. You can find them HERE. These don’t take the nausea completely away, but I definitely noticed a difference from when I had them on to when I didn’t. They aren’t the most attractive looking things, but boy I think they are worth it!
  • Vitamin B6 and Unisom. There is also a prescription pill called Diclegis that has these two things in it that I felt helped more than taking the B6 and Unisom separately. Ask your healthcare provider about it. *Please do not take anything without consulting your healthcare provider first.*
  • Eat a little bit throughout the day and often. This is gross, but try and eat things that won’t be awful coming back up.
  • Eat foods high in protein (bean burritos, peanut butter sandwiches/crackers.)
  • Eat a little something every morning before getting out of bed. Saltine crackers helped me a ton with my first two pregnancies. I couldn’t stand them with my twins so I went graham crackers all the way, salt was not a friend with my twins.
  • Take your prenatal vitamins right before you go to sleep. Sometimes prenatals can make you nauseated and if they don’t and you’re just nauseous regardless you still shouldn’t take them in the morning if you’re just throwing them up all day, so taking them right before bed can help you to not be nauseous from them and help to keep them in your system.
  • Drink often, but slow sips
  • Sniff lemons
  • Try eating grapefruit or limes, this has helped a few people I know. I personally don’t like grapefruit or limes, so I never tried this, but it has worked for others.
  • Suck on peppermint mints, these saved me during my pregnancy with my twins.
  • Ginger can help, so get creative on how to make it appetizing.
  • Medication prescribed by your physician can really help; most of them make you very tired though, if you already have little ones at home, or if you’re working, this makes things hard.
  • Find any food that you can handle and live on that until your morning sickness subsides. Even if it’s not healthy, it’s ok. It’s better to have something in you than nothing at all, it’ll only be for a little while.
  • Rest, lots of rest, if possible. Too much rest though can make your nausea worse and can also cause blood clots if you’re not getting up and moving around. Don’t lay or sit longer than one to two hour increments without getting up and moving around to get your blood flowing.

Honestly, there is nothing out there that will get rid of your morning sickness, but there are definitely things that can help minimize it.

Morning sickness is truthfully the worst thing. It’s so awful because it doesn’t go away like the flu does and when you throw up with morning sickness you don’t feel relief like you do for a little bit with the flu.

Keep the mindset that it will pass, it doesn’t last forever. Take the good days when you have them and go have fun.

Complain all you want, try to find someone who understands and can relate to you so you can have support from them, because your spouse/partner doesn’t understand at all what you’re going through and that can be really hard on you and him.

It is cute though how your spouse/partner tries so hard to be a comfort, like when your face is planted inside the toilet and he kneels beside you rubbing your back and all YOU want is to throw up in peace! HAHAHA! It is such a sweet gesture, but I don’t know how many times I just wanted to be alone as I was puking my guts out. I don’t know if yours does this, but mine sure has.

Or when he’d just stand there and watch me hahaha! That definitely made things so much harder on me. No one wants an audience when they’re throwing up!

Another funny thing my husband did was this…I was super sick one night when I was pregnant with my twins. I had already thrown up three times and just wanted to lay in bed so I grabbed the garbage can and laid in bed. I ended up getting sick again and threw up in the garbage (note- there was a garbage sack in it.)

My sweet, amazing husband took the garbage sack out for me and took great care of me! The next day he sent me a Marco Polo (video chat) while he was at work and asked how I was feeling.

He then made this comment, which still makes me laugh till this day…”Honey, next time do you think you can at least try and make it to the toilet? It’s just so much easier than doing it in the garbage and having me clean it up.” HAHAHA!

Ok, so a comment like this when you’re pregnant is not a good idea! Our emotions are NOT the same when we are pregnant. My feelings were hurt and I was a little upset. The funniest part is that this wasn’t the first time I’ve thrown up in the garbage and he’s taken it out for me many times. So, he must have been holding this in for a very long time. HUSBANDS! 😊

So, there you have it!

I hope these tips were helpful, if you have any questions or comments please don’t be afraid to ask or share. And if you have anything that’s different that works for you I’d love to hear it. Good luck with your first trimester because if you’re lucky after your first trimester the nausea should subside, YAY!


Morning sickness can be the absolute worst thing EVER! It can sure put a damper on your pregnancy journey. Have no fear are some tips to help you survive morning sickness.

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